Monday, February 25, 2008


An online friend wrote: 'There are no prayers to Jesus in the Gospels.' I think he was wrong, and will post some material on that some time.

Meanwhile: at the close of the theatre production of Gospell the young players silently carried the corpse of Jesus from the stage. At that moment there's a pervasive feeling of despair - will this joyous production end with the triumph of the forces of evil?

Then all is transformed: the production ends with the caste back on stage joyously singing:

Day by day, for three things I pray -
to see Him more clearly, to love Him
more dearly, to follow Him more nearly,
Day by Day.


I heard a good sermon yesterday which suggested that part of the reason the Orthodox/conservative Western wing of the Church likes Paul (and often preaches from Paul more than from Jesus) is that Paul is discursive whereas the Jesus of the Gospels mostly uses narrative.

Figure this out, for example: why does Jesus never (never? can someone enlighten me?) use the term 'God' but descriptive terms like 'Father' in his prayers?

Another clue: why doesn't Paul cite any of Jesus' core narrative-based teachings/quotes in his letters (except perhaps for the Last Supper)?

We must remember that the apostles are to Jesus as Jupiter's moons are to the sun: multiple/different reflections of the Light of Christ. (I'm not an astronomer: but I presume Jupiter's moons give more light in total to that planet than our moon does to ours: does it?)

See my (developing) article: 'Did Paul Mess Up Jesus' Religion?'

Rowland Croucher